What can you expect in this masterclass?

It's the dawning of a new era of health, wealth, happiness, and success encoded as our DNA.

Now, we need new leaders with a New Leadership DNA to show the way






We all have a DNA success blueprint that holds the codes and keys for our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity.  Once you choose to recover your own original authentic DNA blueprint, it automatically activates your DNA leadership blueprint and you begin to make an indelible impact. 

Unfortunately, we became disconnected from our DNA blueprint. This has led to a life of struggle, chaos, conflict, and inevitably, suffering and destruction. 

Now we have the opportunity to not only get reconnected and recover our original DNA success blueprint, but with the right mindset, skills, and tools, we can create the life of health, happiness, and success, we were created for. 

In this masterclass, you find out how to rewrite your DNA success code and secure your resilience and a constantly changing world. 

This is a global first. Don’t miss this mind-blowing opportunity. 



This masterclass aims to create a new mindset concerning the power and potential encoded as our DNA blueprint while providing new skills and tools to recover and utilize this power and potential at our disposal.  

In this masterclass, you find answers to the following questions

  • What does the future hold?
  • What does our DNA have to do with our success and resilience?
  • Why haven’t we been told about our DNA success blueprint before?
  • How does the genetic shift influence us all?
  • Who will be able to move with the genetic shift?
  • Why will some people, groups, and companies stay behind?
  • What is Epigenetics? 
  • How do we use Epigenetics to create a new resilience?
  • Why is Epigenetics so important to our sustainability?
  • How are our resilience and sustainability linked to DNA recovery?
  • What must I know to become an authentic leader?
  • How do we tap into our DNA power and potential?
  • What skills and tools do I need to recover my DNA success blueprint?
  • How do I become an authentic leader and make an indelible impact?
  • Where do I start?


After this masterclass, you will be able to: 

KNOW and understand:

  • The answers to the questions above.
  • The importance of the role our DNA success blueprint plays in our success and sustainability.
  • How to create a new and prosperous future that benefits all.
  • Who the authentic self and the shadow ego-self are.
  • How to turn the dark legacy of the shadow ego-self around.
  • The importance of Epigenetics in education and training.
  • Why it is important for authentic leaders to take in and own their place.
  • The importance of your role in the genetic shift.

DO the following: 

  • Recover, realign, and utilize the power of your DNA success-blueprint
  • Redefine who you are as your authentic self.
  • Identify and master your shadow ego-self – the great destructor.
  • Identify and manage those who will move forward and who will stay behind.
  • Redefine the future and your role in this new season.
  • Outline a map for the next season of your life.
  • Coach yourself to ultimate success.
  • Influence others on the path of authenticity.
  • Be able to make a real lasting difference.
  • Become an authentic leader.
  • Have clarity on where you need to start.

FEEL the following:

  • Excited about the future.
  • Satisfied with new enlightening answers to fundamental questions.
  • Comfortable with constant change.
  • Empowered with a new mindset, skills, and tools.
  • Feel ‘I’ve found something valuable and of substance.’
  • Inspired to discover the power of your DNA success blueprint
  • Motivated to help and lead others in a new direction.
  • Committed to becoming a change agent, mapmaker, and pathfinder.
  • Liberated from outdated mindsets, values, skills, and tools.


After this course, you will be able to value the power of being,

  • Connected
  • Centred
  • Grounded
  • Focussed
  • Inspired
  • Liberated
  • Authentic


It will take you approximately 2 hours to complete this masterclass.


This Masterclass is just for you if you,

  • Are inspired to make a real difference that will last.
  • Desire a next-level upgrade for your life.
  • Want to develop your potential and secure real success.
  • Are invested in securing the resilience of your relationships, work, team, and business.
  • Are prepared to climb out of the box and think out of the box.
  • Work with and accept responsibility for people.
  • Intend creating a better future for yourself and your loved ones now.
  • Committed to creating a new future for our children and generations to come.
  • Want to take hands with like-minded people.
  • Ready to leave old outworn, mindsets, values, programming, and belief systems behind. 
  • Want to be an authentic leader that gets things done.
  • Excited to learn something new.
  • Prepared for some new mind-blowing information.
  • Want to stop the struggle and have fun.

INVESTMENT: It is free for one week. 

You will receive the following:

  • A personal worksheet 1. Before
  • Presentation. How to recover your DNA leadership blueprint and make an indelible impact.
  • A personal worksheet 2. After
  • Free E-book. Book 1. Authentic living. Who am I?
  • A personal worksheet 3 What did you learn?
  • What next? How to implement this new information in your life.

This is a global first. Be prepared to be amazed!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting started

    • How to get started

  • 2

    Welcome to an exciting journey

    • How to recover your DNA blueprint and secure your success and resilience

  • 3

    What did you learn?

    • Summary. What did you learn?

  • 4

    How far did you come?

    • What are you taking with you?

  • 5

    What next?

    • What do you do next?

Dr. Brenda Hattingh

Dr. Brenda Hattingh is an international inspirational speaker, coach, leadership expert, genetic thought leader, and author. Her areas of expertise cover topics including DNA recovery, self-coaching, authentic leadership, genetic resilience, and Power Intelligence.

Although Dr. Brenda’s academic career includes a B.Sc. degree in Medical Science, Genetics and Neurobiology, an Honours and Master’s degree in Adult Education and Ph.D. in Psychology, it was her personal journey back from being paralyzed after fracturing her neck in an accident, that led her to understand how to coach yourself back to health, wealth, happiness and success by recovering your original DNA success blueprint.  

For the last 20 years, Brenda has contributed to humanity’s genetic leap to authenticity as encoded as our original DNA blueprint. As though leader, her research, courses, articles, keynote addresses, and books focus on bringing the mind-blowing information of DNA recovery.  

 Humanity’s quantum leap not only requires a whole new mindset, but also a new heart-set with new skills and toolsThis also calls for a new intelligence – Power Intelligence. Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future that brings humanity in balance with Artificial Intelligence. The Academy for Authentic Living and Leading provides all the necessary courses with new information, skills, and tools.

Brenda has also received various awards including the Professional Businesswomen of the Year Award for facilitating transformation in individuals and large companies, organizations, and governments, alike. Her comprehensive body of work and commitment to recovering our original DNA success blueprint makes her work a global first.

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Over the last 25 years, Dr Brenda has built up a vast client base of leaders, individuals, companies, and organizations who testify to the indelible impact this training, and coaching has had on their personal lives, professional development, and company, and organizational success.

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